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Partnering With a Local Coffee Shop

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Whenever you create a commercial it is critical to know what your vision is and who you are trying to reach. For Brevada Brewhouse we knew that the majority of people who were going to see these advertisements would be students and young adults. So we needed something upbeat and fun, to show them an atmosphere where they can actually see themselves hanging out. Everything is shaped around what your goal of the video is and who the video is for. The music, the pace of the video, and the shots all played a crucial roll in the making of these commercials.

Brevada Brewhouse

☕️Brevada has been a gathering place for many in the Klamath Basin for 6 years, and our team has had the privilege to get to know the owners and baristas at this local cafe. Through every cup of coffee they serve they also provide a place for people to come and experience peace, or that much needed conversation with a friend. Their business is adding value to Klamath Falls and chose us to capture their products so that they would be better equipped to share that with the community.🎥

So who is your target audience and how are you going to reach them? Check out our videos to see how these elements played into the final product!

The Team at Nick Alexander Films

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