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Nick has been running the video business since 2016. He is the leader of the team and loves telling stories through film. His passionate spirit and unending enthusiasm, attention to detail, and "storytelling first" approach pushes his team to the top of the filmmaking community. Nick is a certified drone pilot, speaks Spanish and knows how to elevate your brand, your products and services through video.


In 2020, he completed his first feature film, Illegal which achieved commercial distribution in 2021. He has filmed over 100 weddings in his career and more than 200 commercial projects.


In academia, he received a Bachelors Degree in the studies of Emerging Media & Digital Art and Spanish from Southern Oregon University.

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Nick Alexander
Proud Owner and Founder
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Riley Wilson
Creative Director

Born from the depths of creative willpower, Riley crawled his way through the school of life researching cinema and the arts until he found a camera. Once equipped with his creative tools of choice he ventured out and spent years under the NAF brand. He seeks innovation and economic storytelling as he creates new commercials and reaches for inspiration to write and direct movies.


Riley's favorite NAF project is Duplicity and he’s always thinking about the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Everyone makes content, every form of media is content, and every company needs it to keep peoples attention, but barely anyone makes anything worth watching. Let us make something that matters, something that defies the endless ocean of content. The human attention span is not short, it just needs something better to put it’s gaze upon. It is time to go back to the cinema.

Diondre Taylor
Social Media Director


Diondre is a proud alumnus of the University of Alabama, armed with a sports media degree. He is enamored by the cinematic masterpiece "Saving Private Ryan." He gravitated towards this industry as it serves as his canvas for unleashing creativity and expressing his artistic vision to the world.


For Diondre, video storytelling transcends conventional art forms—while a picture speaks a thousand words, envision the narrative power a video holds.

Zion Blackburne
Editor & Gaffer Guru

Zion has been using the camera since The Amazing Spider was released (not related), and photography and making videos was one of his first passions. He went on to continue in filmmaking and media production through personal projects and work, and went on to study Digital Cinema at Southern Oregon University, where he expanded his knowledge of all things video. His favorite film (or one of many, because who can really have just one?) is Inception by the great Christopher Nolan, and his favorite NAF project was getting up at 2 am and going on the runway to create commercials for the Rogue Valley International Airport.


Zion loves the way that video can capture the beauty of the world and people's emotions and turn it into a story for all kinds of audiences to watch and be inspired. You can usually find him talking about lighting (lamps in particular) or coffee shops.

Jack Hannan
Editor & Musical Maestro

Jack graduated from Southern Oregon University with a degree in digital cinema and joined the NAF team. His favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption and his favorite NAF project is definitely Fort Knox Mailbox. He decided to be a part of the film industry because he loves telling stories and transporting audiences from reality into the realms of his imagination.


He works with cameras, lights, editing softwares, and his own music to help aid his storytelling.

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Max Molyneux
The Super Sales Rep

Max is NAFs Sales Representative in the Eugene Market. His favorite project is Crater Lake Electrical, and enjoys attending Oregon Duck football games.

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