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Targeted Distribution

Creating incredible content is just the beginning. Imagine pouring your heart and soul into a masterpiece only to find it tucked away on a YouTube page with a mere 12 subscribers. That’s where we step in. At Nick Alexander Films, we’ve made it our mission to ensure your videos not only paint your business in a beautiful light but also are shown to as many people as possible. Welcome to a world of powerful video creations and effective distribution strategies. Buckle up, because your content is about to take off!

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Campaign Strategy

In order to have a successful campaign you need everything to be focused toward your unique situation.  We align with your goals and become an extension of your company, weaving your objectives into everything we do.

Effective Copywriting & Scheduling

With anything in life the details matter, and when it comes to an ad campaign the details really matter.  Our dedicated team spends the time to make sure that video as well as the details of the ads are in line with your brand, messaging, and goals.

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Detailed Targeting

We spend the time to research who is your ideal customer and how we can reach them.  By harnessing the power of data-driven insights and market research, we ensure that every video and social media campaign we craft is tailored to connect with the audience you value most. Our mission is to not only create outstanding content but also to ensure it lands in the hearts and minds of those who matter most to your business.  Resulting in high ROIs for your business!

Comprehensive Analytics

We firmly believe in transparency and accountability. That’s why we provide our clients with comprehensive analytics that offer a deep dive into the performance of their campaigns. Our detailed reports not only show you how your campaign was successful but also pinpoint areas for improvement in your marketing strategy. We believe in empowering you with actionable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and providing advice to help you refine your marketing for even greater success.



In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the synergy between exceptional video production and strategic social media distribution can’t be underestimated. At Nick Alexander Films we’re your partner in achieving excellence in both. Ready to elevate your message, engage your audience, and watch your brand soar?


Contact us today for a consultation and discover how to unlock the full potential of your video marketing.

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