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"Nick and his team worked on a big video project for us this year and the end product was great! I appreciate his professionalism, his flexibility and desire to ensure we were happy with the project. I highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for solid photography and creative videos." 

Angela Wood, Travel Medford



We partnered Taprock Northwest Grill to create a series of commercials to promote their meals and positive dining experience.

Klamath County Lifestyle Video

We partnered with Klamath County Economic Development Association display the lifestyle opportunities in Klamath county.

Lifestyle thumbnail_5.jpg
Medford Airport Thumbnail 01.jpg

Rogue Valley International
Medford Airport

"Nick and his team did a fantastic job on our recent Airport video project. They are professional and do outstanding work. I highly recommend them!"

Amber Judd, Medford Airport Director

Coldwell Banker

"Nick Alexander Films has worked on several projects with which I was affiliated. Their professional approach with a hometown spin is very very appreciated. I would use them again and again with the quality they produce. I have experienced this type of professionalism but in a much larger venue. Excellent, Excellent company and job they do."

Randy Shaw, Coldwell Banker

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What is the process for a video marketing project?



Ideas and inspiration are the cornerstone of this phase. First, we schedule a vision meeting to determine the project's goals and deliverables. Afterwards, we develop a timeline and craft a contract agreement for you to review and approve which leads us to the pre-production phase.



At this time, we partner with you to build an outline, script and storyboard to transform your vision into a clear plan of action. Once completed, we schedule the production.



In this phase we pull out all the stops and utilize our top notch storytelling gear to bring your story to life. We make the best use of your time by working efficiently and professionally. Depending on the project, we will film for several hours, to a day, or even multiple days.



Once all filming is finished, the magic of video editing takes place! We refine the art that we created through editing, musical score, titles, transitions and color grading. The first cut is delivered to you conveniently over whereby you can review the project from your phone, tablet or computer. The revision process is a breeze, and all our clients love our video review software. Finally, we make any adjustments to the deliverables and send them to you in pristine high resolution 4K, ready for social media, your website and any platform which a variety of aspect ratios, caption files, and custom video thumbnails (and much more).  We share with you a plethora of different video versions so you are ready to share on all platforms.



Once the production is complete, many clients are now taking advantage of our social media/ad campaign services where we craft a marketing plan and launch for your content, compose the copy for the posts, and launch the video(s) on your social media pages. It's an organized and relaxed process, and we share with you the successful data and results right to your inbox!​​

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