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Santa Claus is joining the team! 🎅

Earlier this fall Nick met Ed Taylor and a huge holiday opportunity came into existence. Ed is a professional actor from Hollywood who performs the best Santa Claus we have ever seen! According to his website, "Ed has appeared on many national TV programs including Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Today Show, The Talk, The Doctors, TMZ and MTV's Ridiculousness. Ed has also appeared in TV commercials for Chrysler, Band Aid, Reddi Wip, Kohl's and many others.” In short, we knew we had to collaborate with this North Pole superstar! ⭐️

Therefore, we wrote scripts, built sets, gathered props and filmed two amazingly fun and comical Santa Claus commercials. The first commercial is truly “cinematic” as the viewer is teleported to Santa’s secret snowy cabin (aka Union Creek, Oregon) to learn that he is experiencing a career crisis and is pursuing…(drum roll)...filmmaking! The location is perfect in every way. Thanks to Carrie Reed for lending us her lovely abode! 🙏🏼

Special thanks to Zane Green and Fred Alexander for joining the squad to create the ultimate Christmas time backdrop. Moreover, the fact that it was snowing hard and fresh white stuff covered the ground, it was absolutely magical and music to the director’s ears. Nick compliments Zion and Riley for their creative lighting ideas to accentuate the glow of the Christmas lights with our special tube lights. This and the second video were both shot on RED Cinema cameras with pristine 6K resolution. Click on the thumbnail below to watch the first video!

The second Santa Claus video continues the story of Saint Nick as he has applied for a job position at NAF! Santa spends a day working with the Nick Alexander Films team and it proves to be memorable to say the least! He learns to edit, attends marketing meetings, conducts interviews and even flies the drone into a tree. 😳 This is a hilarious, laugh-filled video that we enjoyed putting together, but also demonstrates the storytelling and filmmaking abilities at NAF. Of course, it also showcases the amazing performance from Ed Taylor!

We want to give a shoutout to the Medford Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to film at their site, SOREDI the same and also volunteering one of their own, Terrill Roper, to have a cameo in our video, and Mark Northrop for playing the “naughty list” client. Yes, we know, it sounds bizarre, so click on the thumbnail below to watch the video yourself! 📺

We hope you have enjoyed our Christmas videos for the 2022 Holiday Season! Are you interested in partnering with NAF and Santa on a commercial in 2023? Shoot us an email. Phone Nick or Isaac. We would be honored to serve you and add some Santa magic to your business! ✨


The Team at Nick Alexander Films 🎄

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