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Meet the Team Zion

My name is Zion Blackburne and I am a shooter and editor at NAF. My job consists of getting to operate the camera and other gear on video shoots, setting up equipment, editing the videos together to tell the story, and occasionally directing an interview.

I studied Digital Cinema at SOU, where I learned about all the different aspects of filmmaking. I was especially drawn to promotional filmmaking, so after Nick had visited my Documentary film class I had to learn more! From there, he set up an internship for me, I graduated SOU, and in August I joined the team!

I am passionate about people and I love making new connections! I also love experiencing God’s beautiful creation, traveling, and hearing peoples’ stories form all walks of life. I’m passionate about filmmaking because I get to enjoy all of these these things through this incredible medium. With NAF, we get to work with all kinds of people and go to some pretty awesome places!

One of my favorite movies is Drive, because of the amazing cinematography, score, and storytelling.

My favorite NAF project so far has been filming with the Ashland Police Department. Getting to know the officers, what they do, and why they are passionate about their work was an awesome experience! We even got to learn how to safely fire a gun at the shooting range!🔫🎥

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