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Meet the Team Riley

Hi, I am Riley Wilson, and I am a camera operator and editor at Nick Alexander Films. My skillset covers almost every area of production, but most of the time you can find me in the office editing a video.

For the last decade I have been passionate about storytelling. Since discovering video production in high school I set my sights on filmmaking. I love making fun and interesting videos, and I hope one day I get to primarily focus on writing and directing movies.

My first introduction with Nick was when I took Spanish in high school and it just so happened that he was my teacher. That was 7 years ago! Fast forward to when I was working on my senior project, my mentor wanted me to get some extra hours in. So he put me back in touch with my old Spanish teacher, good ol’ Maestro Nico (AKA Nick Alexander)! I got some additional hours for my senior project by filming a wedding, and soon after that I reach out to him for a job that would use my skillsets. For the last 3 years I’ve been editing and filming at NAF!

The team asked me about my favorite movie and let’s just say I don’t believe in favorites, there’s too many good movies. I love Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Once Upon a Time on Hollywood, and the original Total Recall. Some recents I’ll be rewatching on repeat are Dune and The Batman.

My favorite project is Duplicity, our short film that was in production earlier this year. It’s still in post production, but it was a blast creating! Watching things I wrote come to life on the big screen has been truly inspiring for me. I worked with so many great people and I cannot wait until it’s finished!

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