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Celebrating 100 years!🤯

Did you know that the Klamath County School District is 100 years old!?🤯 Klamath Falls is home to a fascinating history and our school districts have been a part of it for a long time! Earlier this year they partnered with us to celebrate their 100th year anniversary with a video and everyone involved had a great time!

Our team is honored to capture these momentous occasions and we are so excited to share with you the video that we created for the Klamath County School District!📚

Go check it out by using the thumbnail below! If you need to celebrate a huge milestone reach out to us and we would love to capture it!

Knowing the Community

We all know how important people and connections are, especially in business. Knowing the right people can get you in the door to the perfect office space, it can help connect you with people who are in need the services and products you offer, and it can develop genuine relationships within your community.🤝

That is why we are so grateful for the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce. Their organization works to bring businesses together resulting in all parties growing.📈

What are you doing to grow your business and your network? Let us know and check out the presentation we did during one of the chamber's networking events🎥

Fall is officially in full swing which means that now is the perfect opportunity to begin planning and filming your holiday commercials!🎄 Fill out a forum on our video marketing page and we would love to begin capturing your story!🎥

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