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Meet the Team Tanner

Hello everyone, my name is Tanner Northrop and I have been working with Nick for the past 6 years! The majority of that time has been spent sitting behind the camera, but now I wear many hats here at Nick Alexander Films. Throughout the week you will find me editing some amazing videos for our clients, managing plethora of IT related tasks including our 100+TB storage server or out on a video shoot.

My story with NAF began when I met Nick my freshman year of high school in Spanish class, he was the teacher. About a year later when he was working for News Watch 12 he interviewed my dad and we re-connected. Soon afterwards I shot my first wedding with Nick and continued to help with projects here and there. I continued to work with him throughout school and one day he asked me to join the team that would be filming in El Salvador for our first feature film and I obviously said YES! We continued to work together throughout college and as of January 2022 I joined the team full time as Director of IT, Camera Operator and Editor.

Technology has been a passion of mine since I can remember. God has given me the gift of be able to troubleshoot issues and figure out how it all works. As part of the team, I handle the technical side of the business. From making sure our cameras have the latest firmware, to managing our file server. If anyone has issues with their computer, accessing emails or specific files I am there to fix it and make sure things continue to run smoothly.

The team asked me to share my favorite movie and It’s so hard to pick just one! In the end I would have to say it is “The Matrix.”

As far as my favorite project it’s a tie between two. I was blessed to be able to be the assistant director and camera operator for our feature length documentary “Illegal”. Meeting the people of El Salvador, hearing their stories and seeing their beautiful culture was such an unforgettable experience… and its pretty cool to have my own IMDB page.🤯 My other favorite project was from January 2021. The team and I got to fly down to Costa Rica and film a staged wedding to promote a beach house. It was interesting having creative control over a wedding, which never happens. However being able to “re-do” moments like the first kiss ensured we got a variety of incredible shots! Exploring Costa Rica and getting B-Roll for the video was a nice perk of the job! If you want to check it out here is the link!👇

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