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Meet the Team Nick

I am the owner and director of Nick Alexander Films. Yes, I am "Nick" of NAF! For the past six years I have been running the business and building a great team of storytellers and filmmakers. On a weekly basis you will find me working with our awesome clients, filming projects, directing, editing, and so much more. I love my work!

I graduated from Southern Oregon University six years ago, and decided to start running a video production business. I taught Spanish at Rogue Community College for a couple years while I worked on the business. In late 2018 I resigned as I was tapped to direct a feature film called Illegal, which became the catalyst for going full time with video,

I am a passionate storyteller and video is my favorite medium! Ever since I a kid, I loved to tell stories. In the seventh grade, I began video taping home videos with my three sisters and went on to learn more in middle school, high school and college. What I love most about this form of art is that video allows us to convey all the emotions, all the difficulties and triumphs of this life, embodied digitally with the potential to have a global impact. It is motion and sound married together as one. There truly is no better medium of storytelling to change the world than through film.

It's so hard to narrow it down! The Dark Knight is favorite movie and favorite TV shows are Money Heist and Stranger Things.

My favorite project ever would have to be our feature film Illegal! In 2018 I now was working with not only my newly wedded wife, Eveling, but also a former student of mine, Tanner Northrop. Tanner and I filmed dozens of weddings together, and at the end of 2018, the three of us embarked to El Salvador for our first feature film project, Illegal. Illegal was an official selection at 45+ film festivals and garnered 15+ nominations and awards, including Best Southern Feature at KIFF2020 and best documentary at Los Angeles Film Festival and Beverly Hills Film Festival. The movie is now available on video on demand on platforms to rent and buy such as Apple TV, Xbox, Youtube, Google Play and many more.

The feature film proved to be the catalyst that birthed Nick Alexander Films for what it is today.

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