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Capturing Innovation at Oregon Tech

Catalyze Klamath Falls🎓

Video is an extremely powerful form of advertising for events because your audience isn’t just seeing an announcement about this incredible event, they are also hearing about it, as well as feeling what it is like to be there. This is why Oregon Tech chose to partner with us to highlight their event called Catalyze Klamath Falls! This incredible competition gives students the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. 💡 You can view the final video down below.

If you are organizing an event, "how are people going to know about it?" is a critical question that you need to ask yourself. Are you going to print flyers, make a post on social media, film a video to run paid ads with, or all of the above? 🤔

Professional Photos

Having an excellent online image can be the deciding factor in whether or not a person decides to go with your company. One thing that you can do to ensure people are impressed with your online presence is to use professional photography for your website and profile pictures. Around a month ago our team got together to give our photos a much needed update. Check out our about page on our website to see how it has elevated the look of our team. Huge shout out to Rogue Jet Boat Adventures for letting us use their venue for part of this shoot! See if you can spot the difference between a phone camera and our Cannon EOS R5C. Let us know if you some professional photos taken for your team by sending us a message📩

Creating Our Own Content

Building trust with your potential clients is extremely important if you want to gain their business. This had been something that we have told our clients for a long time and we decided to put that concept into a video of our own. We as so grateful for the partnership that we have had with Healthy Klamath over the years and are excited for you to hear Merritt’s perspective on why her organization chose to work with us. Click the thumbnail below to watch the full video!⬇️

If you have an upcoming event or promotion, what are you waiting for? Let’s tell that story though video! 🎥. Sincerely, The Team at Nick Alexander Films

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